About Us

Feels Good - Feels Edgy - Feels Right

Covid was a tough time for all, especially for me, losing loved ones and being isolated from any human contact whilst grieving. It was a time for resilience and leaning on anything that would support mental health. This was my inspiration to create 'Feels Good', a slogan ethical clothing brand that would resonate with so many and create ripples of positivity and joy at a time when people are still grappling with mental health battles. As my background is fashion and graphic design is my passion, it's been so exciting using my skill set to create unique designs with humour, cutting-edge graphics and typography to give you something truly curated in sustainable clothing.

Our vision to be a sustainable, ethical, slow-fashion brand is to only make garments as and when needed, minimising the impact on our planet. We use great quality eco-friendly fabrics and send it to you in recyclable packaging using zero plastic. We support de-carbonisation in production and support a thriving community in Bangladesh. By using state-of-the-art Kornit industrial digital printers, we ensure you have the ultimate finish in your eco clothing that will last.

As therapy and support is over-stretched, part of this project is to give back 10% of all revenue to one of those services, 'Mind'. This is a fabulous mental health charity that really supports the well being of the community.